Postdoctoral recruitment notice

Postdoctoral recruitment notice

Recruitment conditions:

Have obtained or are about to obtain a doctorate degree in computer-related fields, and are under the age of 35, in principle, the doctorate degree should not exceed 3 years;
Strong interest in scientific research, serious and responsible work, rigorous scientific research attitude, and good teamwork spirit;
Have professional English literature reading and writing skills;
Published high-level journals and conference papers;
Have a background in artificial intelligence.

Salary and benefits during the employment period:

The annual salary is not less than 336,000 yuan (including provincial and municipal subsidies). Excellent postdoctoral fellows can apply for the “Principal Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow”, with an annual salary of not less than 500,000 yuan (including provincial and municipal subsidies) after being selected;
Welfare fees are paid in accordance with the school’s faculty and staff standards, and participate in social insurance and housing provident funds in accordance with the relevant regulations of Shenzhen;
Postdoctoral fellows who do not use the on-campus revolving dormitory or do not rely on the school to use the public rental housing in Shenzhen can enjoy an additional housing subsidy (2800 yuan/month);
Possess an excellent working environment and opportunities for cooperation and exchanges at home and abroad, and post-doctoral fellows enjoy a total of 25,000 academic exchange funding for two years during their stay at the station;
The school can assist in applying for Shenzhen Hukou or mainland residence permits for talents, spouses, children, and coordinating children’s enrollment;
For post-doctoral fellows who meet the relevant policy requirements of the latest “Shenzhen Newly Introduced Talent Rental and Living Subsidies”, after settled in Shenzhen, they can assist in applying for a one-time rental and living subsidy of 30,000 yuan in Shenzhen (tax exemption, independent online application);
According to the qualifications that you meet, you can apply for “Shenzhen Peacock Program C-level talents” or “Shenzhen reserve-level talents” to stay in or out of the station for post-doctoral students, and enjoy a five-year incentive allowance (tax exemption) of 1.6 million (in Shenzhen The latest relevant talent declaration requirements shall prevail);
Post-doctoral candidates who choose to stay in Shenzhen to engage in scientific research work and have signed a labor (employment) contract with enterprises and institutions in this city for more than 3 years can apply for Shenzhen Postdoctoral Research Fund in Shenzhen. The Shenzhen Municipal Government grants each person an annual scientific research funding of 100,000 yuan for a total of 3 years (subject to the latest application requirements of Shenzhen).

210000 (tax-free)+(8667+2800)*12+10000+10000=367,604 ten thousand yuan

After entering the station, if you successfully apply for SUSTech’s “President Excellent Postdoctoral”, the basic salary is 15,000 yuan/month, and the average annual basic treatment is: 210,000 (tax-free) + (15,000 + 2800) * 12 + 10,000 + 10,000 = 443,600 yuan.

  1. According to the specific scientific research performance of the postdoctoral fellow, they can enjoy the corresponding scientific research performance rewards of the department and the research group (outstanding achievements, and the research group will issue 10,000 yuan each year).
  2. The research team provides sufficient scientific research support and assists the postdoctoral fellow in applying for the China Postdoctoral Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and scientific research projects at all levels in Guangdong and Shenzhen.
  3. For outstanding postdoctoral students, they will actively recommend and assist them in applying for positions such as research assistant professors at Southern University of Science and Technology, and directly hire them as master tutors. After the end of the employment period, they can be further promoted to positions such as research associate professors at Southern University of Science and Technology.
  4. Provide personal high-performance workstations for postdoctoral fellows in the research group; provide multi-threaded CPU server resources for postdoctoral fellows engaged in data-driven intelligent modeling and optimization; provide Tesla V100 GPU server and deep learning platform DGX-2 resources for postdoctoral fellows engaged in deep neural evolution .


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